Football season is officially here, and this girl is pumped up for the season upon us. Tonight, the Super Bowl 2018 Champs, the Philadelphia Eagles are taking on the Atlanta Falcons. There is nothing better than sitting in front of the TV enjoying the game and chowing down on Wings!


However, among my friends, including Bill, I am an outcast. I grew up in Philadelphia and I am a die-hard Phillies’ and Flyers’ fan, but when it comes to football, I just can’t get on the Eagles train. I am a New Giants’ fan whose loyalties cannot be wavered. Yeah, I just put it in print.


Each Sunday I face ridicule and scorn, all in the name of fun for sticking by my boys. I apologize, but I just can’t bleed green. Now before you list all the reasons why I should, don’t waste your time. My loyalty and devotion to the Giants has not wavered since 1978 and you can all thank the biggest Eagles’ fan in the world, my dad, for that.

Eagles vs. Giants

See we were watching the Eagles and Giants play and I said the dreaded words, “What a throw, and that catch; Dad did you see it?” For the life of me I cannot remember the names of the Giants’ players. However, it was my dad’s reaction that pushed me over the edge. In the middle of the lecture how in this house we do not cheer for anyone but the Eagles, the Giants scored.  My dad went ballistic, and he accidently knocked me out.

Kid with a Grudge

Now I am not one to hold grudges, however I was a kid. I swore that day I would never cheer for the Eagles again and a Giants’ fan was born. In my house, I was now the rebel. I also became obsessed with learning everything I could about my new team. The Giant’s history was rich and deep and the more I learned, the more I knew I made the right choice.


As the season progressed, I think my poor dad wished I was not the self-proclaimed tomboy. However, he had created that monster. He taught me everything about football, baseball, hockey and basketball. I knew each game like the back of my hand. Wondering why this might matter? It is simple. I could argue each and every call by the refs, and it infuriated my dad.

Philadelphia Eagles’ Fans

In case you missed it, Philadelphia Eagles fans are some of the most passionate, loyal, hardworking, long-suffering, terrifically dedicated, ardent fans, in the NFL. They are known for their intensity — win or lose. I respect that. However, Eagles’ fans are not always right. Say that to one, and you will understand.

Last Season

Fast forward to the 2017-2018 NFL season. I caught hell from opening day forward. I stood by my Giants, and it was painful. However, something did grab my attention and that was the Philadelphia Eagles. They were unstoppable, and I was impressed.

Philadelphia’s Year

My love for the Giants never waned, but watching my brothers, my sons-in-law, my sister and every other Philadelphia fan on the planet, including Bill, how could I not be excited for them. I knew what it was like to see my team win the Super Bowl when all the odds were against them. Beating Tom Brady and the Patriots twice was the icing on the cake.

As the season moved into the play-offs, my team was out, so I tossed aside my rule of never cheering for the Eagles again. I did not jump on the bandwagon, Bill kindly invited me to the party. Let’s face it, my rule was dumb, especially when the Eagles played Dallas, Washington, Pittsburg or the dreaded Patriots.

With each win in the play-offs, I purchased a piece of Eagles gear. I took a picture and shared. You can only imagine the ridicule I endured. But it was okay. I made the purchases to support those who mean the most to me. I am pretty sure they got a kick out of just how dorky I looked.

Super Bowl

When the Super Bowl started, I was decked out in green and ready to see the Eagles do what my team had done, despite everyone’s doubts. As the game was being played, I channeled my dad. Luckily, I watched alone, so no one got knocked out. Somewhere around the 3rd quarter my nerves were shot, but I hung in there (nails bitten off as proof).

Final Seconds

The final seconds of the game were played, and the Philadelphia Eagles were now Super Bowl Champions. I could not be happier for the fans. For years, Philly fans had a bad reputation. Well, let me tell you something, on that night and the days that followed Philly fans shined.

Thank You Eagles

Thank you to the 2018 Super Bowl Champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, for making the dreams of entire city be realized. Best of luck in the upcoming season, but this girl will be cheering for her G-Men all the way!