Born in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia in 1966, Bill, became the third child of James and Florence. Little did his parents know what a handful Bill would be. He grew up in a typical middle class neighborhood and like any other boy, often found himself in trouble. But rather than allowing Bill to take the wrong path his parents provided a loving and stable environment that was strict, but not rigid. Much of who Bill is as a man today comes from all that his parents taught him growing up.

When Bill realized he hadn’t mapped out a future for himself, he was worried and made a decision that would change his life forever. During his senior year at Upper Darby High School he enlisted in the United States Air Force’s, Delayed Enlistment Program. In October of 1984 Bill packed his bags saying goodbye to his family and lifelong friends to begin the journey into his unknown future. He arrived to Basic Training a naïve teenager ready to face the mental and physical challenges the Airforce would dish out and never crumbled under pressure. He was the guy everyone could count on, and everyone who got to know him remembers him best for his comic relief under pressure.

As the weeks passed, Bill’s confidence grew and he was determined to be the best Airmen the Airforce had ever seen. After completing basic training and specialty training, Bill was stationed at Clark Air Base, Republic of the Philippines for 19 months. It was during this time where Bill was transformed from boy to man, from immature to slightly less immature. His sense of humor, ability to come up with a story in seconds and fearless approach to life defined him not only as a boy but as an Airmen as well. His loyalty, dedication and friendship was appreciated by all.

During his time at Clark he gained first hand experiences with the Filipino people and toured as much of the country as time and finances would allow on the salary of a one striper. He built lifelong friendships with the men and women he served with and today remains in contact with many of them. The group earned the title “Best Security Police Unit in the Air Force,” something that still brings a sense of pride and accomplishment to Bill. After leaving Clark, Bill spent the last six years of his Air Force career at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota with a 9-month deployment to Operation Desert Shield/Storm.

Upon completion of his enlistment, Bill returned to the Philadelphia suburbs to raise his two beautiful children, Christine and Bill Jr. where he lives today working for one of the world’s leading eDiscovery management solution companies. Bill’s love for our country is unmatched by most and the fact that he remains true to the morals and values instilled by his parents makes him one-of a-kind.

Bill keeps himself busy today following all Philadelphia sports, playing baseball for the Hatfield Orioles and planning reuions for the 3rd Security Police Group. He is competitive and still the life of every party he attends. He has a gentle heart with bad boy exterior complete with smirks and thinly veiled insults that gets any crowd rolling in laughter. He is strong willed and still determined to be the best. The best son, the best father, the best friend.

His love for Clark and the men and women he served with led to the creation of the 3rd SPG Veterans Foundation to provide assistance to these outstanding airmen who have fallen upon hard times after leaving the Air Force, where other veterans assistance programs are not available. The foundation has also been created to assist in the security and maintenance of two cemeteries located on the ground of the former Clark Air Base, which contain the remains of American nationals and military working dogs.