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Author and American Air Force Veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Storm

Book Signing Success for Nighthawk

To say Saturday’s book reception and signing was a success would be an understatement. Bill and I were overwhelmed by a crowd much larger than either of us expected. Almost 70 people filled the porch banquet area at Casey’s in Drexel Hill all excited for their chance to talk to Bill. Family, friends, old neighbors and even a few strangers popped in to learn more about Nighthawk and the man behind the book, Bill Bowers.

Contrary to popular belief, Bill doesn’t exactly like being the center of attention. However, a book debut only happens once in a lifetime and he was excited to share his success with those who have supported his journey. In addition to hosting the reception and signing, Bill was also trying to raise the needed funds to help save a fellow veteran from foreclosure through the 3rd SPG Veterans Foundation. Bill serves as the president and is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of his brothers and sisters who served in the Air Force.

Bill and I arrived a little early to prepare for the guests and before we knew it, people were flowing through the doors. To our surprise, it wasn’t just a few dozen people who showed up. I think we were both a little shocked to see the room packed. Honestly, we are both still overwhelmed by the gratitude shown by everyone who came out to celebrate this total dream come true. For Bill, the signing was also like watching his whole life’s story pass before his eyes. Neighbors and friends from Bill’s childhood, old coworkers, the entire Bowers’ clan, and even one of his fire team members he served with in Desert Shield/Storm made the trip from Virginia to covet his signature and wish him well.

Bill was most surprised by the enthusiasm of the crowd and all the positive comments he received about Nighthawk.

From the Nighthawk Fans

“Heartfelt and inspiring story about serving, surviving and success.”

“As I read the stories, I openly smiled, shed a tear or two and even felt like I was walking beside Bill at Clark.”

“I need more.”

“When does the next book come out?”

“My favorite part of the book was that separately, or as a whole, each story took me to someplace completely new, but somehow familiar.”

“Nighthawk made me understand the essence and the indispensability of the men and women who serve our country. Furthermore, a discussion with Bill about the book inspired me to pursue my dreams and discover genuine success rather than trying to fit into a predetermined box.”

“Reading Nighthawk made me want to be a kid again. I wanted to get out my old bike and ride around the neighborhood, I wanted to play whiffle ball and I wanted my mom’s lasagna.”

“Fiercely funny memoir about family, friends, and brotherhood.”

“As Bill searched for belonging and meaning, every piece of the unveiled story helped me find my place.”

These words were not a surprise to me, because I have always seen more to this book than what was on the surface, and the fact that others found it too, proves Nighthawk is a success.

Overall, the night proved to be a fun and educational experience for both of us. Matt and the banquet staff at Casey’s were wonderful and ensured the guests had a memorable experience.

Thank You

We would like to thank everyone who attended. We truly appreciate everything you are doing to spread the word and get Nighthawk seen. The success of Nighthawk is because of those who have supported us and continue to let others know about the book.

We truly hope you had fun and look forward to seeing you at the next event.


  1. So happy Bill was a great success at the book signing! Helen Zima

  2. I have always been proud of Bill and, although parts of the book were hard to read, I loved the story. Bill is a terrific person and I am so proud to call him my son. Thanks, Bill. I also want to say thank you to Sandee. She was such a big part of all this. She encouraged Bill more than anyone. If you have not read the book, please do. Even a prude like me got past the tough parts.

    • Sandee Hart

      July 18, 2017 at 7:53 am

      Awe Mrs. Bowers, you are so sweet. Bill is, and always will be, one of the most inspiring people I know!

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