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Author and American Air Force Veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Storm

Upper Darby Graduate, and Air Force Veteran, Releases His Debut Book

Nighthawk A Young Airman's Tour at Clark Air Base By Bill Bowers with Sandee Hart

For Immediate Release 05.13.2017
Bill Bowers (Author)                     Sandee Hart (Contributor)
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Website: https://williambowers.org/ 
Book: http://bookstore.archwaypublishing.com/Products/SKU-001132579/Nighthawk.aspx

Philadelphia, PA: May 13, 2017. Nighthawk, A Young Airman’s Tour at Clark Air Base, published by Archway, is Bill’s debut book packed with humor and life lessons. This United States Air Force Veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Storm has mastered the talent of storytelling. Bill’s book is a labor love that he has waited 31 years to share.
ABOUT THE BOOK: Nighthawk A Young Airman’s Tour at Clark Air Base recounts Bill’s coming of age in the 1980s while stationed at Clark Air Base in the Philippines. Through a series of vignettes centered on the antics and comedic misadventures of a young airman’s first tour of duty, this memoir offers a mirror of who we are as individuals. It shares real-life stories that explore the ups and downs of service in the military, the culture and economy of the Philippines, and the actions of a bunch of kids tossed onto an island paradise. Throughout the story, Bill’s moral compass often causes conflict that results in a series of unforgettable stories about how an eighteen-year-old kid fresh out of high school became a man.

Nighthawk A Young Airman’s Tour at Clark Air Base Stories strikes a chord because it makes you feel a connection to Bill and his experiences. Bill’s words and actions possess an everlasting power. He makes mistakes, he makes poor choices, and often, he ends up in situations he could have avoided. However, in dealing with those mishaps, Bill inspires through example. He has a gentle heart with bad boy exterior complete with smirks and thinly veiled insults that gets any crowd rolling in laughter. He is strong willed and still determined to be the best. The best son, the best father, the best friend.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bill graduated from Upper Darby High School and then began his Air Force Career. Bill lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia and is the proud father of two adult children. He is a devoted father, grandfather, son, brother and friend. When he is not sharing stories about his time in the Air Force you can find him playing baseball or raising funds for the 3rd SPG Veterans Foundation. Bill’s love for Clark and the men and women he served with led to the creation of the Foundation. As cofounder and current President of the 3rd SPG Veterans Foundation, Bill leads the effort to provide assistance to airmen who have fallen upon hard times after leaving the Air Force, where other veterans assistance programs are not available. The Foundation also assists in the security and maintenance of two cemeteries located on the grounds of the former Clark Air Base, which contain the remains of American nationals and military working dogs.


  1. Candi Vaughan Starkey

    May 29, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    Looking forward to reading this book..Clark was a different experience at first…it was very different compared to Japan and Okinawa. .I would go back in a heart beat if our bases were still there we are very lucky to still have awesome Filipino friends we call our family. ..Clark AB was quite large but yet it has a tight group feeling for everyone station there. .Bill did you know a Demmer Banks .L.E..Ron Perry S.P..I believe town patrol. Thanks for sharing your life at Clark ..D/ W Candi Vaughan Starkey

    • Hi Candi. Your words ring very true about the size and closeness of the people there. It was an assignment that played a large part in shaping me as a man. I don’t remember Demmer Banks but Ron Perry sounds very familiar.

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