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“While staring at the image I felt a strange sensation move through my body. It seemed that the dawn had broken the chains holding distant memories hostage.” Bill Bowers

Join Bill as he brings those memories to life in his first book, NIGHTHAWK: A YOUNG AIRMAN’S TOUR AT CLARK AIR BASE. Readers travel back in time and across the world as a young man embarks on a journey to adulthood. Inspired by General Douglas MacArthur’s wisdom, “Duty, Honor, Country,” Bill pushes himself to live up to those who served before him. He realizes that the road to success in the Military is paved with both mental and physical challenges along with many distractions while serving in a tropical paradise.



Book Signing Success for Nighthawk

To say Saturday’s book reception and signing was a success would be an understatement. Bill and I were overwhelmed by a crowd much larger than either of us expected. Almost 70 people filled the porch banquet area at Casey’s in Drexel Hill all excited for their chance to talk to

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For Immediate Release: ‘Nighthawk’

**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** EDITORS: For review copies or interview requests, contact: Marketing Services Tel: 888-242-5904 Fax: 812-961-3133 Email: American Air Force veteran reflects upon his time in the Philippines in ‘Nighthawk’ Bill Bowers with Sandee Hart chronicles Bowers coming-of-age in the military in his new memoir ARDSLEY, Pa. –

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Why I Believe in Nighthawk and You Will Too

  Nighthawk A Young Airman’s Tour at Clark Air Base.  is a story of where we have been and where we are heading. During the two years of writing with Bill Bowers, we connected and became bound to each other by the story. It was his story; it was my story;

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Brotherhood: An Unbreakable Bond

To those who served, brotherhood embodies a deeper meaning than most people think. In fact, I have even been around people who have snickered when I used the word to describe my relationship with those I served with. Truthfully, when we all raised our right hand and took our oath

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